Classification of Woodworking Machinery

January 23rd at 3:11pm

The main equipment for sawing includes: circular saw, also known as windmill saw, belt saw, single blade longitudinal saw, multi blade saw, push table saw, cutting saw, double head saw, etc


The main equipment for rotary cutting includes: card rotary cutting machine, non card rotary cutting machine, wood peeling machine, etc


Lathes include ordinary lathes, copying lathes, back cutting lathes, CNC lathes, etc


Planer, ordinary planer, oblique planer, automatic planer, etc


Milling machines include vertical axis milling, vertical router milling, hanging router, pneumatic hanging router, trimming machine, double end milling, combing machine, tenoning machine, CNC engraving machine, etc


Sanding includes ordinary sanding belt machines, vertical and horizontal sanding belt machines, oscillating sanding belt machines, sanding edge machines, sanding machines, heavy-duty sanding machines, primer sanding machines, elevated sanding machines, irregular sanding machines, air blown sand, thousand blade wheel sand, sponge wheel sand, disc sanding machines, push table sanding machines, etc


Drilling includes vertical platform drill, horizontal platform drill, vertical row drill, horizontal row drill, vertical porous drill, single row drill, multi row drill, hinge specific drill, etc


Pressure bonding includes cold press, hot press, pneumatic assembly machine, electric assembly machine, hydraulic assembly machine, elongation machine, splicing machine, gluing machine, etc


Surface treatment includes sticker machines, edge banding machines, heat transfer machines, vacuum laminating machines, etc


Paint coating includes primer sanding machine, spraying machine, electrostatic spraying machine, roller coating machine, UV drying machine, curtain shower machine, dust removal machine, belt assembly line, paint oven, etc


Wood processing includes wood drying machines, wood humidity adjustment machines, patching machines, wood moisture meters, etc

The dust removal system in the woodworking workshop is mainly divided into single machine bag type dust collectors, small indoor dust removal equipment, and large pulse type dust removal systems